Milan: 5 secret places to visit

Did you already visit all the most astonishing places of the city of Milan? Hostmate wants to surprise you: here's a useful list for you to discover some of the Milanese secret places!
Valentina Rasello

September 2019 has been an important month for the city of Milan. 1,028,013 tourists came to visit our beautiful and vibrant Italian city. Record results destined to grow thanks to the efficiency and modernity of the city of Milan that never stop to reinvent itself in order to offer maximum comfort to its visitors.

In order to offer a complete service to our guests and let them discover the most fascinating and secret Milanese places, Hostmate has prepared for you a list with 5 of the best secret places where to go while in Milan.

Unlike the ordinary lists where the most common and marvelous places are described, such as the Cathedral (Duomo), the Sforzesco Castle and the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, in this list we have reserved for you some of the unknown places that are well worth seeing.

1) San Bernardino alle Ossa: for those who believe in the afterlife, in this astonishing church you can discover the most gruesome and gloomy story of Milan. The name of the church derived from its lugubrious details of the walls, which are made of all sorts of skulls, from the biggest one to the smallest, male and female skulls of different ages. If you look closer to the wall, you will notice that the way the skulls are arranged form the letter M, namely the name of Maria to which this church is dedicated.

2) San Giovanni in conca: when in Milan, do you ever wonder what is this ruin that appear in Piazza Missori? This ruin is not related to war or earthquakes, but it is what is left from the Basilica of San Giovanni Evangelista or known as Church of Giovanni in conca. The original structure of the church dates back to 5th and 6th century A.D. and in the 11th century it has been rebuilt. In the past, the Basilica was divided into three aisles with a bell tower of 24-metres. The only surviving part of the Basilica is the crypt that has been rebuilt in the 13th century. The crypt was historically sub-divided in ten columns and it was decorated with wall paintings whose fragments seem to date to the first half of the 11th century and the second half of 14th century. This is the only one crypt which is still visible in the city of Milan.

3) Il Sepolcreto della Ca’ Granda: for all those people who love history, here you can enjoy all the stories that has marked Milan history within the Second World War. The sepulcher was used as a hospital where to bury patients who died inbattle. The sepulcher had burial chambers because, at that time (during the time of siege) it was extremely difficult to reach suburban cemeteries. In1860, the sepulcher became the place where to celebrate Milanese patriots and now it is still possible to see the memorial inscriptions and all the names of dead people.

4) Milano a luci rosse: this is a very special and unique place located in one of the most vibrant areas of Milan: Brera district. In the past, people usually go there at night for a fun-packed moment, in order to escape from the ordinary and experience idyllic and striking settings. It is worthy to mention the so-called“Fior Ciar” whore house that is exactly in Fiori Chiari street, 17. Today is possible to go back in time and try to experience the most fascinating places of perdition.

5) Milano sotterranea: who said that Milan is only what you see from the outside? You should know that this city hides some little amazement. For instance, the bunker, which is located at the border to Milan and Sesto San Giovanni (North Park), is one of the most amazing secret places in Milan. It is better known as the Breda bunker and it was built (during the Second World War) to protect workers (who produce weapons) from the war. The bunker survived bomb-raid that took place on April 30 in 1944 and today is open to visitors.

Let yourself be carried away by emotions and curiosity of living a different, hidden, gloomy, but definitely fascinating Milan!

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